We have now added our 13th “Tree School”

Hai District has been very cooperative, along with Mr. Kimaro, to supply the Hai District Schools with polyethylene tubes and training in how to teach students to grow and plant trees!

Hai District has leased T4K a piece of land along the main Highway that passes through our target planting area (see map on “The Science” page) to start a commercial nursery in Boma N’gombe. The nursery is now functional and increasing in the number of trees produced and sold at wholesale prices.

This has greatly stimulated the project and volume of trees going out to the communities in the Kilimanjaro Region. We hope to add another one on the East side of Moshi in the near future.

‚ÄčThank you Hai District!

Seedlings being be planted

Thank you for your donations to help fund the management, education, planting and maintenance of these trees.

Our pilot project is complete! We now have the data we need to make future decisions and planning. The project is running smoothly and growing.

Thank you YWAM East Africa for growing so many trees at the Kilimanjaro bases!

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