Tree Schools are an excellent way to educate the next generation

Hai District has been very cooperative with Trees 4 Kilimanjaro on many levels – from providing access to schools, space along the highway to promote the project, as well as assistance with tree and watershed protection initiatives. The Tree School project started in 2012 by linking arms with local Biology teachers at public and private schools to create “living laboratories” where students learn to grow and nurture trees. By providing the planting tubes, teachers encourage students to collect seed and soil, then to germinate seedlings in their own nursery, water and maintain the trees until they are 18″ tall, and then plant the trees in their communities. Each school is capable of growing and planting 1000 trees per year!

Unfortunately, our Tree School funding is suffering. Please consider a yearly gift of $100 to sponsor a Tree School. This equates to only 10 cents per tree, plus the added value of educating a child about the stewardship and values of trees. We do not see any better way to promote reforestation and climate change than to educate this next generation. Learn how to give by sending us an email.

Seedlings being be planted

Thank you for your donations to help fund the management, education, planting and maintenance of these trees.

Our pilot project is complete! We now have the data we need to make future decisions and planning. The project is running smoothly and growing.

Thank you YWAM East Africa for growing so many trees at the Kilimanjaro bases!

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